My first published novel is epic fantasy, The Reluctant Hero, first in the Chronicles of Namista series. (Please click the image below to be taken to a choice of stores where you can pick the retailer of your choice.)

You can’t fight destiny . . .

On one side: the unlikely alliance of a teenaged mercenary, a warrior woman, a young thief and a small feisty dragon, plus assorted friends. On the other: a religious zealot and his army of mutants, bent on destruction.

Raised as a servant in his father’s household, Faradon is denied his birthright. Now, at the age of nineteen, his life is threatened by his elder brother. His only hope of escape is to adopt the perilous existence of a mercenary. But his innate sense of justice embroils him in a bloody conflict to save his homeland. Even with the help of a dragon whose courage, shrewdness and big mouth make up for his diminutive size, and the legendary sword Glemraed, can Faradon and his allies withstand an enemy armed with ancient technology recovered from the stars?

Cover by Fantasia Frog


Abusive parent (father), fighting/war scenes, death on page, sexual assault, suicide, murder