I am a writer of novels and short stories, who has been writing since childhood.  I produced small ‘books’ on a succession of antiquated manual typewriters, and filled up exercise books, but it wasn’t till the advanced age of 14 that I began my first real novel, Rian, an epic fantasy that has seen many rewrites since, and which I have just self-published as The Reluctant Hero.

Later, my writing took a long detour through fanzines of various cult TV programmes, including Star Trek and Doctor Who.  For a description of my four Star Trek ‘novels’ – only a couple reached that length – see the ‘Fan Fiction’ entry under ‘Writing’ .  Sadly, I can’t publish them here due to copyright issues.

I returned to my own writing in 1991, and since then have completed two more adult novels, a novel for older children, and a Young Adult/Crossover novel, plus a small number of short stories.  I’m currently editing the next book I intend to publish.

My novels all fall into the fantasy/supernatural/SF category, which is difficult, considering the small number of agents who will even look at these areas, but I have to write what I know!  Therefore, I turned to self publication, simply because I want to put the books before readers.