I’ve completed five novels so far, and started three others, so the list here shows only the completed ones (though ‘Rough Magic’ needs a complete rewrite).  In 2011, I finished yet another rewrite of ‘Rian’, trying to make it stand out from the large amount of epic fantasy already out there, and also carried out another major overhaul of ‘Green Magic’.  Since then, I’ve been concentrating on ‘Rian’, with some work on a first draft of another novel, and was doing what I hoped would be the final really nit-picking line edit of ‘Rian’, now renamed ‘The Reluctant Hero’, in preparation for self publication.

The Reluctant Hero is now published and available on Amazon and Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other platforms and a paperback on Amazon. See Publications for more details.

None of the other novels have been published, but ‘Mageborn’ and ‘The Underway’ have won prizes in competitions.  The most prestigious was the final Kathleen Fidler award in 2002, when ‘Mageborn’ was a runner-up.

Adult Fantasy Novels

  • The Reluctant Hero

Contemporary Supernatural Novels

  • Green Magic
  • Rough Magic

Children’s Fantasy Novels

  • Mageborn

Young Adult Novels

  • The Underway