Camping It Up — 4 Comments

  1. To be near the final edit–that must be a great feeling. Best of luck with finishing and finding an editor who doesn’t charge loadsamoney.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got a very good idea of what needs doing and your best approach to doing it. I hope you’ll know which project is next by the time you finish your current one! =D

  3. Interesting analysis of what’s ‘to do’ and progress made. I too have several projects that could be worked on, but the current wip is my 100% focus. And I’m a first timer Camp Nano starting July 1, also with editing my primary goal, though my ‘cabin’ doesn’t feel like home. Yet. Re your comment on what goes into a Kindle book (prefacing and supplementing), I’ve noticed changes over the last several years, so now before my current wip morphs into an e-book, I’m going to look at how some of my favorite authors in my genre use cover + blurbs + personal note (some include thank yous, though brief) before the actual story begins. Are you planning to include links and a synopsis or excerpt from other books at the end? Finally re editing, everyone says we self-published authors need professional editors. I’m not so sure. Yes, there may be a mistake or two or even five. But the process you’re using sounds like you will catch most (if not all) of those key changes/revisions/edits. Will you use a beta reader or two? Still much work ahead, and I wish you the best.