Lessons in Line Editing — 4 Comments

  1. I’m getting to the point where soon I will need to start formatting manuscripts for publication. I’m thinking of trying Calibre. Any experience with that one? It looks like it has potential. Good luck with your formatting and line-editing! When does your book come out?

    • I know a lot of people do use Calibre, and I’ve had a quick look, but I did read on Goodreads in the forums that some people have had issues with it when uploading the ebook to Kindle, so not sure. At present, I’ve used a combination of Scrivener to do 80% and then cleaned it up in Sigil (epub only) though I haven’t done it fully, just enough to get a rough version of the book for audio-editing purposes. As for publication date, not sure yet as there seems so much still to do, but it is definitely going to be some time this year.

  2. Nice progress! And definitely some cool information here about how to get past our own editorial blocks (I’d especially wondered about that homophone thing with text-speech translators).

    It’s odd though how everyone notes the “deficiencies” in the Windows version of Scrivener, but considering it was never meant to be a desktop publishing tool, I’m a bit confused at where these actually are. For what I always thought the program was designed to achieve, I find my Windows version pretty close to ideal.

    • Yes, I’ve since come across a couple of other glitches with text-speech such as ‘bow’ where it always pronounces it as the weapon even when it means someone showing respect. Still it is a good tool, and I have found three actual typos since writing the above, things like ‘titled’ instead of ’tilted’ which the text-to-speech made clear.

      The deficiencies in Scrivener for Windows are all to do with its compilation for ebook or printed book – I’ll probably blog about that as it’s too long winded to explain in a comment. I’m sure it’s fine for the editing side and I am going to use it for that in future, I just have a big investment in books written in Word at present.