Working Smartly? — 1 Comment

  1. Glad you’re learning to love Scrivener.

    I started, as most of us do, using WORD – but quickly found it was unmanageable for long books, and scrolling through the whole thing was a pain. I know you can use their way of handling long documents, with a master document and segments, but it also had nowhere to store research and notes – and Scrivener is really a ‘content management program’, so I have ENORMOUS Scrivener project files – and no trouble finding what I need, using just what I want when I Compile, and storing the extra material.

    For Scrivener 2, I had to do a pass through WORD at the end to do some of the fancy formatting I wanted. For my second book, I was facing surgery, and paid a friend to do the formatting – his way. For the current volume, I’m looking forward to using Scrivener 3’s features, and keeping the WORD use down – we’ll see.

    Good luck – it’s a good solid writing program, and I can’t imagine not using it daily. And for everything else – like keeping tax stuff organized.