CampNaNoWriMo – Final Report — 1 Comment

  1. Lovely progress . . . I think we are all a little snackered through the end of April — either Camp Nano or that A to Z Blogging Challenge. I like how you’ve translated editing into hours of progress, as this is something I’m struggling with, how to account for work done when word count doesn’t exactly move rapidly in either direction. I also like how you highlight participants in ROW80 and would like to do this as well on my blog. Can’t figure it out. BTW I’ve done several Kindle books with Smashwords and KDP. Using Words save-as PDF seems the easiest route to go that preserves your formatting choices without having to re-insert every command. Sorry to report that Scrivener gives me a headache. Though it has many neat features, it won’t allow me to put images in my draft (a feature I like very much). Looks like you are on track to have a great report in on Sunday.