Keep On Keeping On — 4 Comments

  1. These sound like good goals, Pam. I don’t know what the SFFC forum us, but I’d love to be clued in! I have a front and back matter project this round, too. I read APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur) a couple of years ago, and there was some great info there. I think they also have a website.

    I hope you’ll continue to ease back into a more regular schedule; until then, celebrating the little steps is a good way to inspire more. =)

  2. Hello, Pam. Good to see you working on ROW80. I’m still getting used to the Facebook connect but will persevere. Wish you would say a bit more about test-to-speech. Is this a Word feature? Something else? I do read aloud to my F2F writing group, and it amazes me always what kinds of issues can be caught by simply reading out loud. Kudos to you also for doing that research on what other self-published authors include in their prefaces and supplemental comments. Are you looking in your genre? Some writers I’ve noted use a very personal tone . . . one I’m still working on developing. I have no advice re paid editors. One issue other writers struggle with is how much editing can affect your unique voice . . . so are you going for editing or developmental editors? Have you worked with beta readers??? Overall, excellent progress. Have a great week.