Still Making Progress — 4 Comments

  1. Huh! I hadn’t been on the SFF Chronicle website for years. It looks like it has seriously picked up some steam (and I fear I must avoid at all costs, since I will find myself swamped there!)

    Wordweb! I’ve been using that for years. Haven’t tried the paid version, though. If you do decided to upgrade to that, please post your opinion of it.

    As for the bit at the bottom of your post… the ROW80 blog is up and active again if you don’t want to use FB (it’s my pet project and Shan Jeniah and I are working together to get the website and Facebook coordinated better). Whichever method best suits you…

    And… the single quotes! Thank you. I wondered if I was imagining that.

    • Cheers Eden. Yes it can be a bit of a time ‘suck’ in a nice way on the SFF Chronicle site; so much to read!

      Thanks! I did find out and amend my post to include the linky list and have added myself on the latest one as well as the FB group. It’s easier to see everyone’s blogs when they are all in a list like that. Well done on sorting that out to you and Shan; it’s also more streamlined now we don’t have to copy code.

  2. Hello, Pam. Great progress! Sometimes I think that when we’re deep in editing for the 3rd or 4th or 5th time, there’s just no way to measure progress that motivates us to keep keeping on! Can’t count words as these are often in the minus, and hours doesn’t always translate to productive revision. Lately, I’m using chapters and working by sections. So far, so good. Thank you for the tip on text-to-voice. My Kindle keyboard is my favorite because it loads more quickly for reading. I will try your ‘listening’ strategy when I finish the edits (hopefully, final) on my current section 03 before the end of this month. I’m also leery of sending an online group my entire mss. Probably just paranoia because once our books are available in e-form, they magically appear in illegitimate sites anyway. Hope you get good news re that shorter story and have a great week.

  3. Yes it’s difficult to measure progress with editing especially when you’ve been over and over a MS as many times as I have with this one! Annoying about pirates; that wasn’t my concern with the group I mentioned, it’s just the way the group works – we only crit a few chapters up to a word count limit of about 15K each month. Have a great week too!