Slight Derailment — 2 Comments

  1. But you’re still working at it all. That’s a success. And short story challenges can rekindle your writing passion.

    Speaking of Kindle…(note the tie-in!)…It actually is easier than you might think to format. At least my short-story, text-only books have been. There’s a step-by-step Tutorial for Dummies on the Kindle Amazon Author Central site, as well as so many chatboards. You can get all nitpicky about it…”the text format works on iPhone but looks a bit odd on a tablet but then that makes it slightly wonky on this device…but if I tweak it, that could work”…but that’s a layout thing. At some point, you’ll quit fidgeting and, just like the book itself, say: “good enough, Book, I release you into the world.” You can do it!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog – I left a reply there.
    Sound like you’ve been off and on for this Round too, but made some good progress. That contest series on Cult of Me looks interesting – I may try it next month.