Spring Shoots — 2 Comments

  1. Congrats on the win.

    I am currently working on my book blurb at the moment and it’s tough. I’ve always had issues. I hope yours turns out great, and not too stressful.

    For book formatting, I hire that out. I had such a horrible experience formatting my first book that I don’t want to add to my stress level. I give you credit for doing it yourself.

  2. Your post today sounds like you’re knee-deep in technical formatting issues and writing/rewriting that blurb, as well as tackling the cover. Some writers I know post several versions of the cover on various social media so that folks can give feedback. I hope you do this and am already looking forward to seeing your cover. Yes, I agree, the editing goes slowly, but as Hemingway said famously once when he was asked why he edited the ending of FAREWELL TO ARMS some 39 times, and what was the major stumbling block: “Getting the words right.” Have a good week, Pam.